Boris Johnson told to walk away on Oct 31 without a deal in poll– 'It's what we voted for'



28.10.2019 00:01

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Brexit enters arguably its most crucial week to date since the EU referendum took place in June 2016. The European Union has yet to make a decision on whether to postpone the UK’s departure from the bloc past Thursday’s deadline. But in a further dramatic twist, French President Emmanuel Macron has thrown the plans into serious doubt after he vowed to block Brussels from giving Britain more time unless MPs support Boris Johnson’s call for a December 12 general election.

Now you have demanded the Prime Minister take the UK out of the EU without a Brexit deal in place on October 31 - showing the growing frustration among Britons over the continued crisis.The poll, which ran from 1.30pm until 10.30pm on Sunday October 27 and saw 16,397 votes cast, overwhelmingly shows support for a no deal departure on Thursday.The poll asked: “Should the UK walk away on October 31 without a deal?”A massive 93.3 percent (15,298 readers) voted in favour of doing so, as the clock ticks down to Briton’s proposed departure from the bloc.

Just 6.2 percent (1,024 readers) believe the Prime Minister should not take the country out of the EU without an agreement in place on October 31, while the remaining 0.5 percent (75 readers) are undecided and opted for the “don’t know” option.One reader said: “It’s what the real people of this country always wanted!”Another commented: “Nobody voted for a deal, it was not an option on the ballot paper. The majority voted to leave the EU!"One reader attacked the EU for “stringing out the talks” and stalling over the past three years of negotiations.READ MORE: Ex-Labour MP's scathing dig at Corbyn after abysmal polling

They said: “It was obvious from Day one the EU didn't want a deal and just wanted to string out the talks and stall for time, so we should just give them deal!”Another reader savaged Remainer MPs for blocking the Prime Minister’s deal, and putting Britain exit from the EU on October 31 in jeopardy.They commented: "There was nothing about a deal on the ballot paper. Leave, deal or no deal, was always the understanding.“If some don't like it, they know where to direct the blame. Boris had a deal, it was prepped and ready to go on Super Saturday, and Remainer MPs sabotaged it.”DON'T MISSIt is time to sweep away these moaning MPs [COMMENT]Radio host forced to end to call as Brexiteer and Remainer lock horns [INTERVIEW]Brexit delay is final insult from tin-eared, self-obsessed MPs [OPINION]

Mr Johnson was also warned leaving with the deal currently agreed with the EU could lead to disaster for his Conservative Party in the general election.They said: “If the Tories leave with no deal (which is what we voted for) they might survive.“If they leave with that Theresa May deal/treaty, they will be toast!”Other readers urged the Prime Minister to take the UK out of the EU on October 31 and then focus on striking lucrative trade deals around the world thereafter.

One reader said: “Walk away on the 31st October, and then we can see about doing what deals we want. Surely that’s better, even if it means a bit of an uncertain period?“No deal doesn’t mean never have any deals! It just means we are free to do our own.”A second reader commented: “Just get out now and then move onto a fresh slate trade deal discussion.“If they (the EU) insist on getting £39billion as part of it, then we can make demands to make it worth that or just stay away on WTO.”

On Sunday, Mr Johnson’s team stepped up the pressure on MPs to push through his bid to hold an early general election and break the Brexit impasse, raging Britain was being held "hostage" by Parliament.All political parties agree an election is needed to break the standoff over Brexit, but they are massively split over when it should be held.Labour has insisted they will not back a snap election until the possibility of a no-deal Brexit to be taken "completely off the table”, while the Liberal Democrats and SNP have joined forces, calling for a December 9 election - leaving no time for MPs to first pass the Prime minister’s deal.While the government has argued October 31 remains the legal default date for Britain to break ties with Brussels, few expect him to meet his "do or die" promise to deliver Brexit on Thursday.


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