Buy cheap end-of-term gifts for teachers with these top tips from our readers — plus win £5,000 towards your Christmas expenses



06.12.2018 01:40

IT is nearly the end of another school term and teachers deserve a big thank you.

Posh St Helen & St Katharine school in Abingdon, Oxon, has set a price limit of £50 on gifts to staff from parents, after some got carried away with their spending.

Sticky notes always come in handy for teachers

But showing your gratitude needn’t cost you a bundle.

Jazz up their desk with brightly coloured sticky notes, £5.79 for 1,000 sheets (ten pads of 100) on Amazon. That is far cheaper than branded coloured Post-Its, which are £9.49 for a smaller pack of six pads of 90.

Teachers will likely need a strong cup of coffee (or two) during the school day. Whittard’s Christmas Coffee Bauble will add a festive feeling to their everyday drink. It costs £6 and is currently on offer at three for two. So you could buy a couple as extra stocking fillers for coffee lovers.

Savvy Sun Savers on Facebook have more bright ideas.

Teachers will love this coffee bauble

Pamela Burgess says: “Morrisons is selling poinsettia plants at £1.50. They’re very Christmassy and good for those who don’t have time to go the homemade route.”

Dave Baker says: “Get together with other parents and buy a gift from the whole class.”


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