MASSIVE blow for ‘People’s vote’ as poll suggests Brexit more popular than ever!



26.06.2019 14:06

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The survey of 1,680 people, found 57 percent of people would vote for a form of Brexit compared to just 43 percent who said they wanted to remain in the EU. Three years on from the biggest democratic exercise in British political history - the figures in the poll suggest five percent MORE people are now in favour of Brexit. Although the poll did not offer a straight choice between Leave and Remain, the combined Brexit options chosen by participants were more than the 52 percent the Leave campaign won with in 2016. Of the 57 percent shown in the YouGov poll who want to leave the bloc in one form or the other, the data revealed the majority wanted a no deal Brexit on October 31.

The poll found the first choice of 28 percent of people was to leave without an agreement with Brussels.Meanwhile a further 13 percent were in favour of leaving on Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement.And 16 percent preferred a ‘soft’ Brexit involving membership of the customs union and single market.

However the data reflected the continued divide in Britain, as the highest single option chosen by participants was to remain in the EU - which received 43 percent.Meanwhile the prospect of a no deal Brexit was increased after Brexiteer Dominic Raab dismissed a Parliament coup to block it.The former Brexit Secretary stated a motion in the House of Commons would have “zero legal effect”.

Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to replace Theresa May, threw down the gauntlet to his rival Jeremy Hunt in an open letter.Mr Johnson urged his opponent in the leadership contest to commit to leaving on Halloween “do or die come what may” and warned of the “devastating” consequences for the party if this did not happen.However Mr Hunt hit back and called October 31 a “fake deadline” and maintained he is the man you can trust to deliver Brexit.

Meanwhile the Foreign Secretary today stated he would leave no deal terms with a “heavy heart” if there was no other way to deliver Brexit.He told BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine: “I would leave without a deal with a heavy heart because it wouldn’t be easy for a lot of businesses, particularly farmers.“But in the end, if that was the only way to leave, we have to do what people say.”Participants in the YouGov poll were asked to rank their first, second, third and fourth choice out of the following options: Remain in the EU, leave the EU without any deal, leave the EU with a deal that includes remaining in the single market and customs union or accept Theresa May’s deal and leave the EU on those terms.


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