My Grandparent's War release date: How many episodes?



27.11.2019 18:00

My Grandparent’s War begins on Channel 4 this evening (November 27) with a brand new factual series exploring the roles that their relatives played in World War Two. The series follows the stories of a number of famous actors, including Kristin Scott Thomas and Helena Bonham Carter.

How many episodes are in My Grandparent's War?My Grandparent’s War begins on Channel 4 this evening (November 27) at 9pm with the first in the new series of factual shows.Following the histories of a number of celebrated actors’ relatives, the show chronicles stories across various countries and battles.In total there are four episodes of the new series, each focusing on a different actor as they explore different elements of their past.Each run for 60 minutes on the channel as they explore the past to commemorate the 80th anniversary of World War Two.READ MORE: The Crown season 3 cast: Who plays Princess Margaret?

Episode one - Helena Bonham CarterThe first episode of the new series focuses on The Crown actor Helena Bonham Carter as she explores the histories of both of her grandparents.The episode charts her story as she finds of about her maternal grandfather’s battle to help Jewish people escape the holocaust as well as her paternal grandmother’s role volunteering during the war.Speaking at a BAFTA screening of the event, Bonham Carter revealed for her the most prevalent thing was finding out about something that was rarely discussed in her family.She said: “What struck me watching that was that there’s all this silence around trauma so it needs time for people to process it. We were lucky for people to speak and to have the time.”

Episode two - Mark RylanceBest known for his work as a Shakespearean actor, Mark Rylance has also appeared in a number of shows including Wolf Hall.His journey on the show allows him to find out more about his grandfather Osmond Skinner who spent four years as a Japanese Prisoner of War.Heading to Hong Kong to find out more about this part of his history, he meets with a number of historians to find out both sides of the story.This includes finding out more about the horrific St. Stephen's College massacre, which happened in 1941.DON'T MISS...Eastenders spoilers: Mitchell family torn apart by Phil Mitchell [SPOILERS]I’m A Celebrity 2019: James Haskell slammed by fans over Andy comments [VIDEO]BBC blasted by John Challis for CENSORING Only Fools and Horses [INSIGHT]

Episode three - Kristin Scott ThomasKristin Scott Thomas is the focus of the third episode of the series, where she looks back at her grandfather William’s work in World War Two.The actor is known for her roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral explores the work he did from Dunkirk to D-Day.Scott Thomas also revealed taking part in the show was especially moving for her after both her father and her step-father died while serving in the Royal Navy.She said: “What was interesting for me, which is particular to my own personal story, is because my father and indeed my step-father were both killed in peace-time training accidents and they were both in the Royal Navy.“So having this given to me, which I do feel like is the most amazing gift, to be able to find out, to be able to talk to amazing historians who have done fantastic work, was a sort of link to his son in a way.”

Episode four - Carey MulliganThe final episode follows actor Carey Mulligan, who viewers will recognise from her roles in films like An Education and The Great Gatsby.She explored the experience of her grandfather Denzil Booth, who served in the Navy.Speaking at the screening, she said: “It was an amazing gift that we were given and my mum was with me for the whole thing so it was there were different layers of experiences.“There was experiencing as granddaughter and feeling that pride of heroic service that I knew nothing about and that he had not really spoken about.“Then there was experiencing through my mum who was sitting on the other side of the camera and was learning everything as I was learning it.”My Grandparent’s War begins on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight (November 27).


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