No deal Brexit plans ramped up: Michael Gove warns Remainer MPs’ antics risk backfiring



21.10.2019 23:01

“Parliament had the opportunity on Saturday to support a meaningful vote which would have allowed us to proceed smoothly to ratification of our deal and exit on October 31, but the House instead voted in such a way as to put an orderly exit on that day in doubt,” the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster said. "With no clear agreement yet in this House to ratify our Withdrawal Agreement, and no certainty that an extension will be granted by October 31, I must, I fear, take the appropriate steps now to prepare for the increased possibility that the legal default position will follow, and we will leave on October 31 without a deal.

“The clear advice to me now from officials is that we must now intensify contingency arrangements."Mr Gove continued: “We will now accelerate our efforts to help businesses and individuals mitigate any dislocation and disruption that may ensue."Hundreds of public servants across the UK will have to be redeployed, they will transfer to work in operation centres ready to identify challenges, work together to resolve problems quickly, and implement contingency plans."And of course we must maintain our public information campaign, from tomorrow this will reflect the renewed urgency of preparation."It remains the case that Northern Ireland will face unique challenges in a no-deal Brexit, and we will need to take steps to ensure effective governance and to give direction to the Northern Ireland civil service.

"This arrangement settlement has been sustainable to date, but leaving without a deal would represent a formidable challenge to the current position."In that case, we would have to start formal engagement with the Irish Government about further arrangements for providing strengthened decision-making, and that would include the real possibility of restoring a form of direct rule."We will, of course, do everything to ensure that the interests of all communities across Ireland were safeguarded in any arrangements."We all must recognise that this would be a gravestone, from which experience shows us it would be hard to return, particularly in the context of leaving without a deal."

Mr Gove added: "Even as we prepare for the challenges of no-deal, we will make the case at every forum that we can for leaving with a good deal."Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett, replying to Mr Gove, said: "The Prime Minister thinks the only way to get legislation for this sellout deal through this House of Commons is to bully and blackmail MPs with the threat of no-deal."But the Prime Minister has lost the consent of the House. He double-crossed the DUP. He's taken a bulldozer to most of our procedures."


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