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Fans have been delighted by Only Fools and Horses for years and each Christmas viewers were treated to a special episode after tucking into their Christmas dinners. The last special airs in 2003 with Sleepless in Peckham. Here we run through every Christmas special and want you to tell us which is your favourite.

Christmas CrackersThe first Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special sees Del and Rodney waiting for Grandad’s Christmas dinner to arrive at the table. However, instead of sitting down together to eat and exchange gifts, Grandad goes to a party. Del and Rodney head to the Monte Carlo Club and try to attract a number of women but find themselves alone when they’re beaten by two love rivals.Diamonds Are For Heather The second special sees Del left heartbroken after falling for the mysterious Heather. After seeing in The Nag’s Head, he heads back to her flat where he learns she has a son and was abandoned by her husband 18 months prior. Eventually they fall for one another and Del decided to propose. He’s knocked back by Heather who announced her husband has returned and he’s left outside alone.

Thicker than WaterRodney and Del get a surprise when their father Reg Trotter turns up and announces he has a hereditary blood disorder. Both boys decide to get tested and it’s revealed they have different blood types and Reg has some explaining to do… who is the mystery child?To Hull and Back Del is roped into helping Boycie and Abdul smuggle diamonds from Amsterdam. Trying not to get caught, Del and Rodney get Uncle Albert to take them to Amsterdam from Hull in a hired boat. They collect the diamonds and arrive back in Hull a day late where they’re caught by DCI Roy Slater. However, the police drop the case when its revealed the man in Amsterdam keeps the diamonds until the courier arrives. While Boycie used fake money for the diamonds, the £15,000 he paid Del is real. Unfortunately, he thinks it’s also fake and throws it out the window.

A Royal FlushRodney seems to have some luck when he meets Vicky, the daughter of the Duke of Maylebury. He impresses her with tickets to Carmen but she’s less impressed by Del and his girlfriend June Snell. Fortunately for Rodney, she takes him back to the Duke’s house and it looks like things could work out after all. That is until Del turns up and hits the vino-plonko and ruins the night for Rodney.The Frog’s Legacy At the wedding of Trigger’s niece, Del learns Freddy the Frog has died and left everything in his will to their mother, including a stolen gold bullion. Del is desperate to find the treasure however, Rodney is left preoccupied by Freddy’s relationship with their mum and a son who could be their brother.

Dates Del hits it off with Racquel Turner when they meet on a computer dating site. Racquel is an aspiring actress while Del tells her he is manager of an import and export business. A few days after their date, Del books a stripper for Uncle Albert’s birthday but is surprised when it’s revealed to be Racquel. The pair make up but Racquel announces she’s going acting in the Middle East. Del rushes to stop her but misses out on the chance when he rips off a policewoman’s clothes believing her to be a stripper.The Jolly Boys’ OutingCassandra invites her boss around for dinner but Del and Uncle Albert cause trouble and stop her getting a promotion. After the disaster of dinner, Rodney leaves Cassandra to go on the Jolly Boys Outing to Margate. When their coach explodes, they are forced to stay in a scary B&B. Worrying about Cassandra at home with her boss, Rodney tries to take his mind off his wife with Del in a bar. However, they find Racquel working as a magician’s assistant. While Del and Racquel get reacquainted, Rodney returns home to find Cassandra with her boss, who he punches and blows it with Cassandra.

Rodney Come HomeRodney is slowly settling into married life but resents how much wife Cassandra is working, promoting concern from Del. However, despite having his brother’s best interests at heart, Del manages to cause trouble when his attempt to save Rodney’s marriage results in him being homeless.Miami Twice In a special double bill in 1991, Del ropes Rodney into more trouble as he plots to sell pre-blessed wine around the country. He then uses Rodney’s pension to pay for a holiday, which they both go on without Cassandra. When they arrive in Miami they encounter the Mafia boss Vincenzo Ochetti’s family, who believe Del looks like their Don facing life imprisonment. The family plan to kill Del so their Don can escape. Del and Rodney have to make a speedy escape and return to find boxes of wine waiting for them which can’t be sold and used as Communion Wine.

Mother Nature’s Son Del believes he’s onto a money making scheme when he convinces Myles, who sells health foods, he has a natural spring in the allotment he bought from Grandad. After it passes the relevant tests, Del sells the water (from the tap) as Peckham Springs. As they quickly rake in the cash, the family head for a weekend away in Brighton. While enjoying some time to relax they don’t realise the water supply in Peckham has become toxic thanks to the yellow grunge in the allotment. As the episode ends, Del’s bottled water can be seen glowing yellow.Fatal Extraction In a special paying homage to Fatal Attraction, Racquel leaves Del when he spends more and more time at the casino returning later every night. He goes on to organise a date with Beverly, his dentist’s receptionist but is urged by Cassandra and Rodney to win back Racquel. However, their plan doesn’t quite work out with him starting a riot on the estate and Beverley stalking Del.

Christmas Trilogy - Heroes and Villains/Modern Men/Time On Our HandsIn 1996, fans of Only Fools and Horses were treated to a trilogy of episodes each with a different story. Heroes and Villains focusses on Rodney and Del with the former learning he’s set to be a dad at the end of the special. Modern Men meanwhile focuses on Rodney trying to provide for his family as Cassandra is expecting. Unfortunately, the episode takes a heartbreaking turn when Cassandra has a miscarriage. As Rodney struggles with his loss in Time on Our Hands, they are given some good news when Racquel’s father finds a long-lost 18th Century Harrison marine watch. Del sells it at Sotheby’s where it fetches £6.2 million.

If They Could See Us Now After the sale of the watch, Del and Rodney are millionaires. However, they quickly loses their riches and are declared bankrupt. When they return to Peckham, Uncle Albert dies and they end up at the wrong funeral. Rodney and Cassandra try to reignite the spark in their marriage while Del tries to win back his fortune on Gold Rush. He hears he won a badly written final question but believes the call to be a prank and donates the money to charity.Strangers on the Shore The 2002 Christmas special sees Del and Rodney head to France to visit Uncle Albert’s Navy memorial creepy. However, they quickly become involved in an alcohol smuggling scheme. After disaster after disaster, they are ultimately arrested and face time in prison.

Sleepless in PeckhamThe last ever Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special sees Del and the family given two weeks to pay the Inland Revenue or face eviction. They’re determined not to leave their home of 41 years but memories, including their mother’s romance with Freddie Robdal threatens to divide them. Eventually they reconcile in time for Rodney to welcome his daughter Joan into the world.


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