The unwanted items around your home that could be worth nearly £800



16.01.2019 16:43

ONE man's junk really is another man's treasure - as we reveal you can earn up to £800 if you flog your clutter online.

Bloggers and experts have revealed the most valuable rubbish you can sell, including things you'd normally throw away such as empty perfume bottles and knackered old shoes.

Bloggers, including Kirsty Holden (top left), Julian House (top right), Emma Drew (bottom left) and Jane Berry (bottom right) have come up with unlikely items that sell well on auction websites

The unlikeliest items could make you a tidy profit, according to savvy sellers, so it's usually worth listing your unwanted junk for sale online.

Some bloggers and re-sale websites say you could make up to £160 per item depending on what it is.

They've come up with a list of 13 common household bits of junk that are worth selling online to make some extra cash.

From broken kettles and really worn out shoes to old towels and empty perfume bottles, together these items could net you nearly £800.

Worn out shoes - Up to £14

These very worn-out pair of shoes recently sold on eBay for £14 after 10 bids

You might not think anyone would want your old shoes that you've worn so much they've got holes in the soles and dirty insoles.

But there really is a market for everything and well-worn shoes do well quite well on eBay.


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