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Hexus Valve to give larger publishers a greater Steam revenue slice 03.12.2018 12:21
Hexus Razer will reward you with 'Silver' for cryptomining on your PC 13.12.2018 11:31
Hexus Razer Kickstarter aims to raise $1m for LH Naga Trinity mouse 17.09.2018 21:20
Hexus Broadband 'loyalty penalty' super complaint received by UK Govt 28.09.2018 13:51
Hexus AMD 2018 Raven Ridge APU refresh confirmed 23.08.2018 12:20
Hexus SSD prices will continue to tumble in 2019 says report 26.10.2018 11:11
Hexus Three UK touts 5G as "genuine alternative" to fixed line fibre 08.11.2018 12:11
Hexus Cloudflare brings its DNS to Android and iOS 12.11.2018 12:01
Hexus Desktop GPU shipments down 16 per cent year to year 28.11.2018 11:01
Hexus Intel Core 9000 Series processor prices spotted in Singapore 12.09.2018 11:01
Hexus Intel will outsource some 14nm chip production to TSMC 10.09.2018 11:01
Hexus Apple posts record revenue but its value slips under $1tn 02.11.2018 10:11
Hexus Intel assures PC chip supply on track to meet revenue outlook 01.10.2018 11:10
Hexus Microsoft enjoys record quarter thanks to Azure and Gaming 25.10.2018 13:05
Hexus Trump's China trade tariffs to weigh on US GPU buyers 24.09.2018 11:01
Hexus Arm promises Intel Core i5 performance at lower power 29.09.2018 02:55
Hexus Microsoft tests third party browser 'warning' in Windows 10 13.09.2018 12:21
Hexus TSMC shut down production lines due to computer virus 17.09.2018 21:23
Hexus Panasonic to move European HQ from London to Amsterdam 30.08.2018 12:11
Hexus SK hynix launches the world’s first 96-Layer 4D NAND Flash 06.11.2018 10:01
Hexus Intel’s TSMC outsourcing plans come into focus 30.10.2018 14:31