James Asquith
10 March 2019 10:37
🇬🇧✈️🇬🇧 Flying again today, from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia - to see penguins! 😃 Flight number 31 of the year so far!

Next up, in my reviews is @british_airways - the airline I fly on the most. Depending on the day, British Airways can be a good airline or a mediocre one at best. There are lots of exciting changes coming to BA this year in terms of product but this is my breakdown:

- 😁 On a good day, you can get some fantastic crew who make the experience fantastic whatever class you travel in. They will happily serve drink after drink as seen here, and the majority of the time, the crew are great.

- 😡 On a bad day, crew can occasionally be rude, and on their older aircraft, the product is aged and dated. The 747 scratched window picture here sums that up, and their First class is what most other airlines’ business class is (but that is set to change this year).

- 😃 A great air Miles frequent flyer scheme with plenty or redemption option and good value.

- 🤨 Economy is not great on the older fleet, but on the new 787s it’s a competitive product so be sure to check what type of plane you’re on. - 🤬 I tend to find some passengers can be very judgy and snobby particularly in lounges on this airline. (Thinking they’re Triple, quadruple, platinum diamond elite status or something). (Kind of get and justifies why crew are sometimes pissed off in my opinion).

- 😃 None of this up-selling nonsense from US carriers on long haul flights. Baggage, alcoholic spirits and everything you would hope for and expect included in the price you pay. 👍 Overall verdict: 6/10 on a bad day, 8/10 on a good day.




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