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dailydose Personal characteristics are just that—core to one’s personal character. They are what make a person who they are, so for all practical purposes they are unchangeable (or at least too difficult to realistically change in a business context). After all, you can teach a chicken to climb a tree, but you’re better off getting a squirrel in the first place.


When I’m evaluating personal characteristics, I focus on:

1) Integrity

2) Intelligence

3) Judgment

4) Passion

5) Strong communicator

6) Initiative

7) Energy


These characteristics, at least for me, are deal-breakers. It doesn’t matter if I’m talking to the most experienced, most talented web developer in the Northern Hemisphere; if she isn’t a strong communicator, or he doesn’t have good judgment, nothing else matters. How do you assess these behaviors? That’s another fascinating topic for another post.

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