Claire & Laura
08 December 2019 17:02
A confession. If you followed our TTT Tackle this week you'd have seen a lot of people have gripes about Christmas. I.e lots of people find it highly irritating and at times, emotionally exhausting. I think what I find the most annoying about Christmas is Instagram at Christmas. People prancing about Christmas tree farms wearing knitwear when it's unseasonably mild and fairly warm out there. Photos of laptops with festive films loaded up and decorations scattered artfully about, when we know you're really watching the latest EastEnders ominbus. Families playing games BY CANDLELIGHT. That isn't Christmas. And pretending we all have Christmases straight from an Enid Blyton book makes a lot of other people feel crap about their own Christmas. So anyway, here's our tree. It was purchased in 10 minutes from @homebase_uk whilst I sat outside with my hazard lights on as the carpark was RAMMED and I have a cold and wanted to go home. We had a fight about where to put it and whether it would displace the cat's fav napping spot. I had such bad period pains when I was dressing it that I wondered if I'd vomit on it. To the left of this photo is the TV with a football match loudly blasting out of it. I spent an hour this afternoon semi crying with the realisation that if my freelance clients don't pay next week I also won't be buying any presents. And and as I write this, the festive wood burner is so ferocious I am actually sweating and would like to stand outside for a bit. So yeah, merry Christmas Instagram. Let's just make it a bit more REAL. Now, pass me the booze.