Amazon’s Alexa is Now “Hands-Free” on All Windows 10 PCs



08.05.2019 16:35

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Optional Push-to-Talk Still Available

Amazon launched their Alexa app for Windows 10 back in November. Now, the latest update finally enables a completely hands-free experience.

By simply issuing the wakeword “Alexa”, users can now issue commands to their PC like they would on an Amazon device.

This of course, requires a microphone to use or else the app has no way of hearing the user. Previously, users would have to press a button to issue the command via the Windows 10 app.

Thankfully, that optional “push-to-talk” feature is still there for users who prefer it. Although the fully hands off mode is handy for many users.

What Else is New from the Alexa App?

Users simply need to run the app on Windows 10 and it will update automatically to the latest version.

Aside from the hands-free feature, users can now also listen to Pandora music streaming through the app.

That is of course, in addition to all other existing features available. This includes setting reminders, reading news, tracking calendars, controlling smart home devices and more.

The best part is that users no longer need to shell out money to buy Alexa enabled hardware. These Amazon Echo devices range from $49 up to $299 USD, but now they can use any existing Windows 10 PC.


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