Ancient history news: Horror skeletons discovered by gravediggers in major historic find



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Bioarchaeology Professor Jacqui Mulville also claimed other bones have already been lost to the sea after coastal erosion at Cwm Nash, the site where previous remains have been found dating from the 16th century. Professor Mulville said: “Our latest thinking is that these are Tudor or Stuart men who may have been the victims of shipwreck.

"We aim to tell more of their stories and return their identities to them through ongoing analysis."The findings will be shown in the first episode of the eighth series of BBC Four’s Digging for Britain on Wednesday November 20.The first ever burial licence in the parish of Monknash, where the skeletal remains were found, was granted in 1609.Previous radiocarbon dating of remains from the site indicated they originated from the late 16th or early 17th century, according to a report published by Cardiff University.

Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust archaeologists worked alongside a nine-strong team of university experts to excavate the bones, aided by rope experts, across July and September.Natural Resources Wales ecologists and geologists also helped with the process, given the cemetery is in a site considered of Special Scientific Interest.More detailed analysis of the remains are predicted to continue next year.Meanwhile, North Wales provided most of Britain’s copper for around two centuries during the Bronze Age, recent research indicates.READ MORE: Archaeologists solve centuries-old Roman mystery

Scientific analysis of metal from the Great Orme in Conwy by University of Liverpool scientists found it was made into weapons and tools before being traded across what is now Europe.Historians previously believed the Orme copper mine, now a museum, had been a much smaller operation.But from 1600-1400BC there was a buying and selling spree across the continent, with artefacts found in Sweden, Germany and France.Geoarchaeologist Dr Alan Williams said: “Remarkably, this metal is also found in bronze artefacts across Europe stretching from Brittany to the Baltic.DON'T MISS:How ‘secret Inca city’ was found hiding below Amazon jungle [DISCOVERY]Archaeology breakthrough: Scientists unravel major discovery [UPDATE]Archeology breakthrough: Scientists baffled after Medieval discovery [LATEST]

Geological estimates suggest “several hundred tonnes of copper metal were produced, enough to produce thousands of bronze tools or weapons every year, equivalent to at least half a million objects in the 200-year bonanza period.”Further north, a sizeable discovery of a medieval ring ignited a bidding war which could reach £25,000.The 15th century sapphire ring was unearthed in Kirton, close to the historic Sherwood Forest, and was made roughly 250 years after legendary figure Robin Hood was said to roam the area.Nottinghamshire County Council archaeologist Emily Gillott said: “A ring like this would have been worn by someone of extremely high status, perhaps by a bishop visiting our own Rufford Abbey or Laxton Castle.

“It was a reflection of life for people in this sort of position, as opposed to a peasant who could only dream of owning such a valuable item.”The valuable ring was found by amateur treasure hunter Mark Thompson - whose job is spray-painting forklift trucks - with his metal detector just 20 minutes after entering the woodlands.Mr Thompson said: “I had been out metal detecting with a group for about 20 minutes when I heard the signal.

“I was really excited when I saw that it was gold, but I didn't realise at that point just how significant it might be.“It's the find of a lifetime - I never expected to unearth anything like that."I'm still in shock when I think about it - it was such an exhilarating moment.”


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