BBC Question Time crowd groans in disbelief as Labour MP insists ‘we NEED a second vote’



05.07.2019 01:34

The reaction from the crowd was spawned after one audience member questioned whether taking up a Remain position was an extreme one considering that the majority of the country voted to leave. Insisting that the decision to take up a Remain position was “completely outrageous”, the audience member attacked Labour MP Louise Haigh or not delivering on Brexit. In response to the audience member, Ms Haigh admitted that she did vote to trigger Article 50 to leave the EU but overall, it has been “impossible”.

She added: “The public needs to tell us the terms of our departure by having a second vote.”Instantly, a large majority of the crowd jeered and booed the MP.In response, the audience member who initially asked the question challenged the MP by saying that “we’ve already told you” what we want.The reaction for the crowd comes as Labour slumped to fourth in a Westminster voting intention poll.READ MORE: BBC Question Time: Fury as young activist Tom Harwood ONLY Brexiteer

According to a YouGov poll published in The Times, the Brexit Party registered at 23 percent, second behind the Tories at 24 followed by the Liberal Democrats on 20 percent and Labour coming fourth on 18 percent.In the poll, under Jeremy Corbyn, the party has matched a low it recorded in 2009 under Gordon Brown.Many have switched the support away from the party following its unclear Brexit stance and allegations of anti-Semitism within Labour.Mr Corbyn has been accused of not “being physically or mentally” by senior civil servants in a leaked report.READ MORE: BBC Question Time LIVE: Fiona Bruce hosts Martin Lewis for debate

In light of those remarks, Mr Corbyn, 70, and Cabinet Secretary, Sir Mark Sedwill, held a “frank” meeting on Tuesday to discuss the accusations.Mr Corbyn and Jon Trickett, the shadow Cabinet Office minister held a meeting with Sir Mark for 45 minutes following the allegations against the Labour leader.A Labour spokesman admitted that the discussion was “frank and detailed, with a full exchange of views”.They added: “Jeremy Corbyn and Jon Trickett pressed the case for a fully independent investigation to restore trust and confidence in the civil service.”


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