European elections: BBC labelled ‘DISGRACEFUL’ for election coverage - ‘Clear pro-EU BIAS’



27.05.2019 09:32

The BBC election coverage has been heavily criticised by social media users, who claimed the broadcaster failed to properly address the overwhelming victory of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. Patrick O’Flynn, a former Ukip MEP, wrote on Twitter: “I know it’s early, but I must say BBC coverage is missing the obvious huge story - the Brexit Party has won these elections and won them big.” The BBC was accused of giving more space to the growth of the Lib Dems and the Greens, which came in respectively second and fourth, while overlooking Mr Farage’s results.

One social media user labelled the BBC coverage “disgraceful”, saying: “The BBC coverage is disgraceful, they are ignoring the success of the Brexit Party.“Instead they are reporting on the growth in the smaller pro-EU parties.“This is clear institutional pro-EU bias from the BBC.”Another wrote: “BBC EU programme now resorting to waxing lyrical on a People’s Vote, second referendum, guest after guest droning on about it and compromise, bringing the country together.  READ MORE: European elections results UK: Conservative Party DEMOLISHED in ‘WORST defeat in history’

“A massive Brexit Party election performance has been turned into a BBC remain party political broadcast.”And another weighed into the discussion, labelling the BBC “Biased Broadcasting Corporation”.They wrote: “More coverage from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - all they can talk about is betraying the democratic will of the British people.“As the results show, the British people are better than that and will not stand for it.”

Brexiteers were also furious at the BBC for allowing yesterday Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former director of communications, to claim the Brexit Party has been funded by Russia by saying it had had “roubles coming in”.Viewers complained about BBC presenters not further quizzing Mr Campbell over this allegations saying: “Your biased Euro election coverage was appalling, Alastair Campbell lied about Iraq, and continues to lie and spin against democracy, aided and abetted by the ‘impartial’ BBC.“You know where you can stick your licence! I’ll save my roubles and watch YouTube.”Another wrote: “Alastair Campbell does his best to slander the Brexit Party on air and the BBC does not urge him to apologise or retract.  READ MORE: European elections result HUMILIATION: May and Corbyn PUNISHED for failing Brexit strategy

“Campbell is a sore looser, a total embarrassment to himself and to his supporters.” The BBC rejected these bias claims, saying the company's lead story was indeed the victory of the Brexit Party. A BBC spokeswoman told "The Brexit Party being the clear winner, with the Liberal Democrats coming second, was our lead story. "The BBC's EU election coverage provided accurate, impartial reporting and analysis."The Brexit Party won more than 30 percent of the votes at the European elections just weeks after being launched.The support for the Conservative Party plunged, with Theresa May’s party winning only three seats, a humiliation Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said is “hard to stomach”.

He wrote on Twitter: “Very hard to stomach Euro results but have to put on record that responsibility lies in Westminster, not with conscientious Conservative MEPs like Ashley Fox and his team.“Wonderful silver lining my brilliant and inspirational friend Dan Hannah held on.”The Labour Party was also punished for his handling of Brexit, with its supporters preferring Remain-backing Greens and Lib Dems.Jeremy Corbyn is expected to win only 10 seats, seven less than in 2014, as the vote counting continues.


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