From signet rings to boilersuits: this week’s fashion trends



24.05.2019 11:00

Baby bangs From Charlize Theron to Miley Cyrus, the mini fringe is having a moment.

Louise Bourgeois Always up, TBH, but especially because of her jewellery collaboration with other dream girl Simone Rocha.

Face masks Not that kind. Artist Carina Shoshtary catalogues fashionable face-coverings via the Instagram account @Fashion_For_ Bank_Robbers.

Dental realism Forget aspiring to perfect pearly whites: a more natural approach, à la Andy Murray, is the way to go.

Booksmart boilersuits This year’s entry to the high-school-movie fashion hall of fame (see Clueless’s plaid skirt suit).

Androgynous jewellery See signet rings from brands such as Phira London.

Lullabies Moxy hotel in New York has introduced autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos to its rooms, with the soporific audio designed to help guests fall asleep.

Barbecues Eventually, yes, but not yet. Drop the skewers, take the party indoors.

Bare Crocs The footwear brand’s Beams collaboration adorns clogs with jewels, visors and bumbags. Jazzy.

Beige plates “Green carbs” – AKA creepy pasta – are taking over.

Hidden seams See Kristen Stewart’s Thom Browne “inside-out suit” at the premiere of her film JT LeRoy.

Laid-back eyelashes Post-Met Gala, “spidery” is no longer a bad thing. All the better for batting.


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