In this guide we reveal how to entice Neko Atsume’s elusive rare cats into your yard and how to best attract some fan favourites, including Kathmandu, Mr Meowgi and Tubbs. 

For all the apparent silliness of Neko Atsume, there is a method to the madness. Cat visits are determined by a number of factors including the items and food you leave out, but also their power levels, as we’ll see here.

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Neko Atsume: How the game works out which cats visit

Snapping pics of the cats that come visit sees them entered into the ‘Catbook’. Here you’ll be able to check out their names (and rename them if you wish), their favourite toys and most importantly their power levels. 

Each cat’s power level is like a trading card game score. In the example below, you can see that Mack and Rascal are both fond of the Cardboard Café. If both of the cats came to visit and there was only one space left, Rascal would get the top spot. Equally, if a cat arrives and it’s got a higher power level than one that’s currently using a single-space toy, then that cat will chase the other off. Just like in real life, cats don’t like sharing. 

The toys you leave out, combined with the type of food you serve, helps to determine which cats will pay you a visit. There is a random element to Neko Atsume which means this isn’t an exact science, but power levels plus favourite toys and special food explains why some cats appear more frequently than others.

Peaches (aka Cream-san) for example likes a wide range of cushions and toys but has a power level of just 45, which explains why it doesn’t appear as frequently. 

Generally, it’s best to put out the sashimi (5 gold per plate) as most of the rare cats are pulled in by this, but some like Ramses can be summoned with the regular (and cheaper) Frisky Bitz. As new versions of the game roll out and more cats and items arrive, we’ll endeavour to keep this guide as up to date as possible. 

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Neko Atsume: How to get all of the rare cats

Peaches (aka Cream-san, aka Kuriimu-san, aka Creamy)

Cream-san is the unofficial poster cat for Neko Astume. There’s even an entire Reddit thread dedicated to this feline, which goes to show how popular it is. Cream-san is pretty shy and doesn’t visit very often, making it a special occasion when it does appear.

On the plus side, Cream-san likes a wide range of toys, the Tiramisu Cube (28 gold), Heating Stove (600 silver) and the Cardboard Café (50 gold) being particular favourites. Sashimi may also help, but it’s not essential.

Sapphire & Jeeves

The update that brought us the Sugary Style venue also saw this well-to-do couple appearing on the scene. 

It’s not clear from the character descriptions what their relationship is exactly; Jeeves looks like he could a butler for the glamourous Lady Sapphire or he might be her fancy man. Who cares; all we know is that this couple are summoned by the afternoon tea-style Tower of Treats (900 silver fish) and the Fairy-tale Parasol (55 gold fish). 

The only food we’ve been able to get them to eat is Deluxe Tuna Bitz (12 gold fish) which is the most expensive food on the menu. Save money, buy in bulk, get three cans at once for 30 gold fish. 

In terms of tips, Jeeves will always drop a double-digit amount of silver fish, usually around 20-60, sometimes more, sometimes less. Sapphire will always pay you three gold fish every time. Not a huge amount, but there’s something to be said for consistency, we guess. 

It also makes up for her low power level of 20, which means the couple, which we’ve only ever spotted as a pair, never apart, tend not to stay around for too long. 


A recent addition to Neko Atsume is Frosty, a snowy-white cat with red eyes and green ears. Frosty’s not very active; it only uses pillows, cushions, pads, mats and tents and won’t play with any of the toys.

Frosty’s particularly fond of the sky blue Snowy Pillow (220 silver) but it’s also been known to sneak inside the Bureau with Pot (950 silver). Frosty also has the lowest power level (a measly five) of any of the rare cats in the game, meaning it tends not to stick around for very long.

Saint Purrtrick (aka Two Tails)

Another lazy cat, Saint Purrtrick likes to lounge about on the Silk Crepe Pillow (20 gold) and the Japanese Kotatsu (60 gold). He’s not a fussy eater and can be coaxed over regardless of what’s in the bowl. With a high power level (222) he’s not easily shifted either. For some reason, this bobtail cat has two tails. Either that or he’s suffering from a severe congenital abnormality. 

Xerxes IX (aka Prince aka Purinsu-san)

Xerxes is one of the easiest rare cats to obtain. He deigns to sit only on the Royal Bed (43 gold) or the Zanzibar Cushion (20 gold) and eat the finest food. His middling power level of 70 means that he’s easily dethroned, though.

Ramses the Great (aka Pharaoh Cat aka Sphinx)

Another ancient world-inspired moggy, Ramses can only be summoned by the Pyramid Tent (190 silver). Fitting for such a mighty pharaoh, Ramses has a power level of 230. Surprisingly, Sashimi is one of the few foods that he won’t touch.

Ms. Fortune (aka Maneki Neko, aka Lucky Cat)

Ms. Fortune is based on the famous Japanese ‘beckoning cat’ superstition, said to give home owners good luck by attracting wealth and keeping evil spirits at bay. It’s fitting that Ms. Fortune only appears in the Cardboard House (40 gold) and is a pretty big tipper. With a low power level of 20, she’s easily moved away by many of the regular cats so keep that in mind.

Tubbs (aka Meowby Dick)

Tubbs is one of the most frequently appearing of the ‘rare’ cats. He’ll wolf down an entire bowl of food in one setting. While Tubbs is a heavy tipper (and just as bloody well) the upshot is that this means other cats tend not to stick around in his wake. As well as filling his face, Tubbs is also fond of the Giant Cushion (25 gold), a small item that can normally fit two normal-sized cats comfortably, whereas the mighty Tubbs takes up the entire thing by himself. He’s less likely to sleep there, though so if you spot him snoozing on the cushion, be sure to take plenty of pics. As you might expect, Tubbs isn’t easily shifted – he’s got a power level of 130. 

Guy Furry (aka Chef Cat)

Guy Furry appears only to cook a pizza – which he randomly does on the Heating Stove (600 silver) – or whip up a giant ice cream – which he does in the Glass Vase (350 silver). Despite this, his cooking skills don’t seem to impress the other cats. His creations don’t count as ‘food’ in the same way the Bitz and Sashimi do. Guy’s power level of 30 means that as soon as he’s done in the kitchen, he’ll often quickly move on. 

Conductor Whiskers (aka Tama, aka Train Cat)

Unsurprisingly, the only gadgets that’ll entice Conductor Whiskers over the fence are the Twisty Rail toy (20 gold) and the Cardboard Choo-Choo (60 gold). Unlike British train guards, the Conductor doesn’t appear that frequently (with a power level of just 50) despite being described as ‘vigilant’.

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Señor Don Gato

Possibly inspired by the Shrek version of Puss in Boots, the Don only appears to skewer the Mister Mouse toy (140 silver). Despite his sword, he’s only got a low power level of 30.  

Mr. Meowgi (aka Samurai-san)

Mr. Meowgi is another sword-wielding cat who comes out to practise his skills on the Scratching Log (30 gold) and to meditate on the Sakura Pillow (220 silver). While not a big tipper, Meowgi currently boasts the highest power level in the game – 250. 

Sassy Fran (aka Café Cat)

Like Ms. Fortune, Sassy Fran only occupies one of the structures – the Cardboard Café (50 gold). We’re not sure how we feel about all of the game’s obviously female rare cats playing a passive role. That aside, Fran’s power level of 180 means she won’t be easily pushed around by the café’s other patrons. 

Bob the Cat

Bob fancies himself as a mountaineer – he only appears at the very top of the Cat Metropolis (50 gold) with his pickaxe and backpack on display. He’s obviously very pleased with himself, even though with a power level of 40, he really shouldn’t be. 


Kathmandu resembles a Japanese feudal lord and appears to enjoy sketching traditional Japanese items like the embroidered Temari Ball (25 gold) and the Lacquered Bowl (25 gold). Kathmandu’s power level is 150. As we’ve mentioned in our items guide, the Lacquered Bowl is a good early purchase, as it’s a small item that’ll attract both Kathmandu and one other cat, if some sashimi or other fancy food is proffered. 

Chairman Meow (aka Camouflage Cat)

The apparently military-obsessed Chairman Meow (power level 111) is chiefly interested in the Earthenware Pot (20 gold), which bears a resemblance to his Brodie hat. We’re assuming this fixation is the reason why he’ll sometimes appear atop the recently-added Sunken Fireplace (70 gold), which also features a bowl-shaped element.  

Joe DiMeowgio (aka Baseball Cat)

Guess which item you need for this guy? The Baseball toy (90 silver) will see Joe step up to the plate, but all he seems to do is stare at it instead of actually taking a swing – no wonder his power level’s only 28.

Billy the Kitten

Along with Mr. Meowgi, Billy holds the highest power rating in Neko Atsume (250). He’s only bothered by one item, the Cowboy Hat (400 silver). Despite his high level, he’s unfussed by fancy food, preferring the basic Bitz and canned Tuna.

Bengal Jack

Much like Billy, Bengal Jack will only deem everything shipshape and make an appearance if the right booty has been laid out, which in his case is the Luxury Treasure-box (20 gold) along with ritzy bitz, bonito bitz or luxury tuna bitz. He’s a surprisingly picky swashbuckler with a power level of 66, but at least he’s happy to share his chest with other cats.

Lady Meow-Meow (aka Anna Wintour)

Despite her name, this Lady bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain fashion mag editor. Only the Luxurious Hammock (35 gold) is of sufficient quality. Despite only ever lazing around, the Lady doth have a power level of 100.

Pepper (aka Odd-Eye, aka Bowie-san)

Pepper’s not classed by the game as a rare cat but its apparent heterochromia marks it out as a feline of distinction.

As with Cream-san, Pepper likes a wide range of items, but it tends to go for the scratchables over all else; the Scratching Board (180 silver), the Scratching Post (240 silver) and the Scratching Log (30 gold) are the most likley to summon this wonk-eyed moggy. 

That leaves you with plenty of things to play with. Plus, with a power level of 165, Odd-Eye’s unlikely to be pushed around.