Oh Heck: UK sausage company hits back at criticism after Boris Johnson visit



08 July 2019 19:48

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British sausage company Heck has responded to criticism following a visit from Tory leadership candidate Boris Johnson.

The British leadership frontrunner visited the factory last week and said he was “insanely proud” to have a new sausage, Boris Bangers, named after him.

However, the hashtag #BoycottHeck began trending on Twitter, with people criticising the company for “endorsing” him.

Anti-Brexit Twitter users said they will avoid buying Heck products in future.

One Twitter user said: “Sorry, I will not buy my food from a company that not only endorses Johnson but thinks about renaming their product Boris Bangers #BoycottHeck.”

Heck hit back and said they did not endorse either candidate, but wanted to know how Brexit would affect business and the team.

In a statement on Twitter, Heck said: “50% of our workforce are from Eastern Europe.

“We invited both candidates for leadership to come and see us during the York Hustings. Indeed we welcome anyone to look round our factory, whatever their views or political party.

“We wanted to seize upon the chance to ask them what they are going to do to secure the long-term future of our team.

“You have to work with who is going to be in power whatever your political view, dialogue is the only way forward.”

The sausage was made based on what the chefs had been told was Mr Johnson’s favourite meal – mashed potato, mustard and red wine.

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