Rebekah Vardy sparks World Cup fury as she asks 'what about equality?' at all-woman panel



10 June 2019 07:47

The wife of Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy  wrote “Umm what happened to equality……” alongside an image of BBC host Gabby Logan, ex-England defender Alex Scott, ex-USA keeper Hope Solo and former Scotland International Gemma Fay. The 37-year-old said she believed the game should also involve a male pundit.

She posted: “I’ll draw a line and say this... men need to be more involved in women’s football to get it to where it needs and DESERVES to be... we have some incredibly talented players... end of.” But her comments quickly sparked fury among her Twitter followers who described her comments as “disgraceful” and accused her of “encouraging chauvinistic comments”.Emma Follis, the Birmingham City footballer, reminded Mrs Vardy Dion Dublin had acted as a male pundit the night before. She tweeted: "Hi Rebekah, I think you’ll see below there was a male pundit last night. Also, there was a male co-commentator during today’s game.

"How about you use your platform to promote your fellow gender positively rather than diminishing it and encouraging the chauvinistic comments?"Another said: “Seriously. Ffs we’ve had to put up with male pundits for like ever. First bit of positivity for the game , women being super empowered, knowledgable and your complaining for a twitter ego boost  #somepeople.” One posted: “What a disgrace, women should be encouraging a re-balancing of the power held in the media, MOTD is often (not always) all male, as is soccer saturday and again very often (not always) sky coverage is all male."What's wrong with an all women panel for women's football?"Another posted: “Um... Here's how it works Mrs V. If you lined up all of the male football presenters/pundits down the years it would outnumber these women by approx 1000-1.” A Twitter user said: “honestly as a woman u should be all for women being given this opportunity, all ur doing is opening the door for more men to unnecessarily try hate on the women’s game.” (sic)

Mrs Vardy hit back writing: “Woahhhh I 100% fully support women’s football and women in football as I do in all sport! They did and do a great job! I’m just making a point.” But others agreed with Mrs Vardy despite the male game often being criticised for its lack of diversity and gender equality. One posted:"Exactly, there would be absolute uproar if it was all men. Double standards."Another tweeted: “Exactly, equality only when it suits the agenda."


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