Social life? Not after having children, says Fearne Cotton



29.10.2018 10:39

Fearne Cotton has said she is so busy juggling parenthood and her career that she struggles to find “me time” — and that working mothers can never have it all.

Cotton, 37, said her social life has “fallen by the wayside” since having two children — five-year-old son Rex and daughter Honey, three — with husband Jesse Wood.

She told A List: “I’ve never met a mum who has nailed that balance of life and being a parent. You have to learn how to get your own bespoke balance — I don’t think you can have it all.

“There will be days where I think, ‘I’ve really nailed that’. Then there are days where I think, ‘Oh! My God! I’m failing at being a parent and failing at work’. And you know you’re not really — but you’re under so much pressure.”

The mother of two, who also presents on TV, writes books and runs a podcast, said the only moment she has to herself is when she reads after the children have gone to bed. She added: “My life is my family, and my work. I don’t have a social life. That’s the bit for me that falls by the wayside, and I know it shouldn’t because it is important to have time for yourself. ‘Me time’ is the hour I have reading from 9pm to 10pm — no one is coming anywhere near me then. They can sod off.”

Cotton was speaking at the launch of her Fearne Loves collection with Cath Kidston

She said it was an “absolute dream” to collaborate with the iconic brand. The clothing features her hand-drawn prints, reflecting personal moments from her life. 

She added: “Drawing is a big part of my life. I’d love to do an exhibition someday. 

“It’s a big part of my life away from work for relaxation… I can pour all of my emotions into the drawings.” 

The [email protected] Kidston range is out now, and is available from Cath Kidston stores and online


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