Susanna Reid: GMB host reveals 'agonising' fear she gave her mum, 79, coronavirus



19.03.2020 11:26

Susanna Reid, 49, who is self-isolating after one of her son’s woke up with a dry cough, has opened up about her fears around herself being a “spreader” of the virus. The journalist spoke about her anxieties around putting her 79-year-old mum at risk of contracting coronavirus.

The Good Morning Britain host unveiled her “agonising” thoughts around the deadly virus in her latest column for MailOnline. Susanna revealed that they had held a Mother’s Day lunch with all her family a week early, so they could all be together before her mother, Sue, returned home to isolate. The presenter wrote to her readers: “But at the front door after lunch, just like millions of others, children and I said goodbye to my mum wondering when we would all be together again.” Following on from their family lunch, the next morning, one of Susanna’s son’s had woken up with a dry cough, leading her to listen to advice and isolate for 14 days. READ MORE: Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's: Opening hours & stockpiling rules revealed

Soon after she was informed of what the safest precaution was: “Gripped with anxiety, I realised my usual response of being stoic about illness and carrying on as normal was not the way forward.“The thought of being a spreader filled me with fear. Once I had got over the initial shock that this was really happening, I started worrying about supplies,” she continued. However, although she was worried about running out of food with a “two-week wait for a Tesco delivery”, Susanna confessed her “biggest concern” overall. The former BBC journalist wrote: “While I hate missing work, naturally my biggest concern as we hunker down for our self-isolation over the next two weeks is Mum.”

She then questioned: “Have I already put her at risk of the infection? The thought is agonising. But my mother is as pragmatic as ever.” While at home, the TV star also reflected on the fact that not everyone can afford to stay home as they miss out on their regular income. Continuing to make her point, Susanna continued: “We clearly need more testing so people can get back to work. So now I’m at home I’m planning calls to Mum several times a day, not just on the phone but using FaceTime and Skype with the children.” She then added: “As one of my boys joked: ‘Now we’re all in self-isolation, we might end up seeing Grandma more often than usual.’” DON'T MISS: Oti Mabuse breaks silence on decision with husband 'Truly heavy heart' (TWITTER)Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell open up about 'incredibly hard' decision (FACEBOOK)Stacey Solomon: Joe Swash reveals new move with girlfriend (INSTAGRAM)

The host who presents alongside Piers Morgan, told her readers that on Mother’s Day they will call to “keep her spirits up”, and she wants her boys to keep texting their grandparent throughout the day. Susanna also plans to send her mother a bouquet of flowers and a card while she stays at home.She explained that her mother prefers Mother’s Day to be called Mothering Sunday as “it’s based on the religious holiday”. After reflecting on her mother’s childhood tradition of going to church and the gift of daffodils, the mother-of-three then went on to say that although she is not religious, she feels there is a “sacredness” about Mothering Sunday.

Susanna previously announced that she would be staying at home to self-isolate with her family during a FaceTime call with Piers and Charlotte Hawkins this week. She told the hosts and her viewers: “One of the boys, one of my children has a persistent cough and that came on yesterday."Well, suddenly with these new drastic action measures that changed yesterday afternoon and it meant if even one member of your household had either the persistent cough or a fever, then you would all have to go into self-isolation for 14 days,” Susanna continued. The broadcaster then explained: “So that means immediately I can’t go into work and work with you guys for 14 days, all the children are off and we are effectively two households because like many families we are separated, so we have two households who are self-isolating."It’s a very unusual situation," she added.


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