Thames Water outage: 100,000 properties in London left without water - schools closed



12.06.2019 14:17

Thames Water said the outage was effecting areas in west London, including Twickenham, Hampton and Kingston.Schools have forced to close with Teddington Memorial Hospital and Teddington Health & Social Care Centres also impacted.Thames Water said they will bring in water from other areas while the repairs are being carried out. Thames Water said: “We’re still doing everything we can to fix the burst at our water works in Hampton.

"We know how frustrating this situation must be, and we’re really sorry if you don’t have water right now."Our specialist engineers have finished investigating the problem, and our repair teams are now on their way to help get things back to normal as quickly as possible."While we repair the burst and work to get our pumps back on, we’ll keep exploring every option to get water flowing again for you, including bringing water in from other areas."People who are medically dependant on water are advised to call 0800 009 4544 to register for Thames Water's priority service.


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