Tom Brady: Patriots star beats Dak Prescott as NFL stars' royalty earnings revealed



18.06.2019 23:47

The 42-year-old is showing that age isn’t a barrier when it comes to earnings as a report from the NFL Players Association shows the six-time Super Bowl Champion is still leading the league.The report revealed how much every NFL player made from ‘group listings’, which is defined as a deal composed of six or more players.According to The Athletic, most of the profit is made from Nike’s jersey purchases, along with video game and trading card sales.Brady didn’t manage to beat the $2.5m royalties he made in the previous calendar year, but he was still comfortably ahead of the rest of the players in the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was second in the NFLPA’s list with the 25-year-old earning $2m.Third in the list was former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown who took home $1.5m.Other notable earners include Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, who made $1.156m, and Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold, who made $1.04m in his first year in the league.The fact that Brady still managed to top jersey sales for the 2018 NFL season is a feat that astonished Russ Spielman, president of sports marketing at GSE Worldwide.

“It’s truly staggering…how many more Patriots fans are there that don’t own his jersey at this point” he told The Athletic.“Its awesome to watch.”Despite Brady’s name being the most popular choice on the backs of Patriots jerseys, the player’s on-the-field earnings do not match his popularity with fans.Brady, who is a four-time Super Bowl MVP and has been selected for the Pro Bowl 14 times over the course of his career, is currently ranked 18th in average earnings per year in the NFL, according to Over The Cap.

The Patriots currently pay their quarterback $20.5m per year.In comparison the Seattle Seahawks just rewarded Russell Wilson with a $140m, $35m-a-year deal, which sees the 31-year-old top the list.The Pittsburg Steelers also took the decision to extend Ben Roethlisberger’s contract in this offseason and gave the veteran quarterback an extension worth $68m over two new years, which included a $37.5m signing bonus.Third on the quarterback earnings list is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has a $134m deal, that sees the 36-year-old take home $33.5m a year.


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