Intel’s Project Athena Ushers in Next-Generation of Mobile Computing



08.05.2019 09:51

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We’re here in Taipei, checking out the latest progress on Intel’s Project Athena. The ecosystem which will help shape the true next-generation of mobile platforms and laptops. First revealed at CES 2019, and further expanded on today. It’s a new set of requirements for partner brands to ensure their next-generation systems meet market demands in some respects while reaping the benefits of future connectivity, AI, and much more.

Project Athena Open Labs

By creating a set of guidelines, it’s easier for partner brands like ASUS, Dell, HP, etc to build to a certain requirement. However, this goes much further than that. With Open Labs, Intel can help certify each component before it even makes it to a laptop or similar device. By testing to ensure it meets the low-power, performance, and connectivity criteria.

All-Day Excellence

Athena aims to have laptops that you can take out for the day, without packing the charger “just in case”. Ultra-low power states so that it doesn’t waste power when not in use. However, still but ready immediately to use, just like your mobile phone would be. Then through 5G and other connectivity, mixed with AI, help speed up your workflow so that you actually spend less time having to actually use the device. Of course, that will all be matched by improved performance, ergonomics and form factors. More information on those devices will likely follow at Computex 2019 at the end of the month.

“Project Athena Open Labs will be the first step in readying the next wave of Project Athena designs for 2020 and beyond. Independent hardware vendors (IHVs) will have the opportunity to submit parts for compliance assessment via Project Athena Open Labs, and Intel’s OEM partners can also nominate preferred component vendors for participation.

Each lab is supported by experienced engineers to test, tune and provide recommendations to improve power and performance capabilities across a broad range of laptop components and categories, such as audio, display, embedded controllers, haptics, SSDs and wireless. The state-of-the-art facilities are located in regional hubs, so ODMs and IHVs can come into the labs year-round for component assessment and solution pathfinding aligned to the Project Athena vision. Following assessment, a list of optimized components will be made available to OEMs for consideration throughout product development cycles.” – Intel

Check out the rest of our coverage of the Intel Athena presentation here.


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