Justin Trudeau: Biggest threat to Canada PM's leadership ahead of election revealed?



24.07.2019 01:57

Canada’s Prime Minister is currently facing historic candidate, Jagmeet Singh - the first ethnic minority politician to lead a major political party into the election. His potential threat is apparent as the country prides itself on multiculturalism, liberal values and openness to immigration, The New York Times reported. Mr Singh lead’s Canada’s left-leaning Democratic Party and hopes to unseat Mr Trudeau in the October elections.

Mr Singh’s strategy so far has been to differentiate his party from Mr Trudeau’s centre-left Liberals.The rival could gain votes from previous supporters of the leader who has faced scandals throughout the past year.However, Mr Singh is trailing behind Mr Trudeau and the Conservative opposition in the polls.The New Democratic Party leader is on 12 percent compared to Mr Trudeau’s leading 33 percent.READ MORE: Justin Trudeau turned into life-size human piñata as Canadians react

The poll comes as a judge ordered Canada's chief electoral officer (CEO) must reconsider the election date because it coincides with a Jewish holiday.Stephane Perrault has only a week to appeal the Federal Court ruling in Toronto or change his recommendation for the date of the vote before an Aug. 1 deadline.Ms Perrault said: “Elections Canada will act in a timely manner in accordance with the directions provided by the Court.“I will make public my final decision as soon as possible."

Instead of changing the date, Elections Canada had said it would seek to accommodate Jewish voters with a range of early voting opportunities and argued that moving it back by a week would cause significant logistical problems.Judge Ann Marie McDonald urged Ms Perrault to reconsider the date, saying there was not enough evidence showing the CEO had weighed everyone's constitutional rights when deciding to keep the election on October 21.Ms McDonald said: “Parliament has granted the CEO discretion to make a recommendation for a change to the election date up until August 1.“Although the August deadline is fast approaching, legal counsel for the CEO indicated that he is prepared to take whatever action is necessary as a result of the Court's decision."The CEO has the power to recommend the election date, but it is up to the prime minister and his Cabinet to determine when Canadians will go to the polls.


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