Labour Party hustings host humiliated as he makes awkward Wetherspoons gaffe live on air



18.01.2020 14:07

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The Labour Party held their hustings in Liverpool on Saturday where each candidate was given the opportunity to answer questions from their members. The host Liam Thorp made an awkward gaffe when he admitted the candidates could get to Wetherspoons early duet to the time they were saving with their brief answers. However, the ECHO political editor quickly backtracked to say local craft bars in hopes of distancing himself and the candidates from the pro-Brexit owners Tim Martin.

Mr Thorp began by posing a question to Emily Thornberry on addressing the climate crisis as a Labour leader.She said: “First of all we can’t solve the climate crisis on our own.“Carbon created Grimsby is just as toxic for us as carbon created in Gabon.“We need to have a green new deal that is internationalised.DON'T MISS: Brexiteer slams ‘EU fanatic elite’ in Labour for trying to stop Brexit

“We need to make sure we globalise it and every country is able to harness its natural resources and move towards a zero-carbon economy.“It seems to me we can take a leadership in this, we created the first industrial revolution and we can do the green industrial revolution.“We can take a lead if we are bold and look to the future.”The host remarked: “That was good and with 5 seconds to spare.

“We might be able to get over to Wetherspoons for lunch early.“No, sorry not Wetherspoons.“Some great independent craft bars around here instead.”READ MORE:‘Emperor Verhofstadt’ savaged – saying young voters will SCRAP Brexit [LATEST]Brexit reveal: How Leo Varadkar replicated Tony Blair’s EU efforts [UPDATE]Big Ben Bong gofundme campaign: Here’s how to donate [ANALYSIS]

The nervous host appeared to make other awkward jokes and gaffes during his hosting of the Labour Party husting.Mr Thorp requested a cheer from the crowd after the mention of the city Cardiff while reading allowed a question from a Labour member to which he received lacklustre applause.Moments later remarked that he had become a “chat show”, a joke that failed to spark any reaction from the crowd.


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