90-year-old Brexiteer Ronald highlights EXACTLY why we should NOT accept EU's Brexit deal



16.10.2019 09:42

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90-year-old Ronald from Kent claimed the French and the Germans are "ripping us off" as Brexit talks between the UK and the Brussels bloc continue. Ronald, who called the Jeremy Vine On 5 show, urged Boris Johnson to leave the EU without a deal as he reassured listeners "we will manage". He said: “I’m 90 and I think we’re being ripped off by the French and the Germans. We’ve got to leave with no deal. We’ll manage.

“I’m 90 and we managed years ago when the war started.”He added: “I served in Ireland, I served in Belfast and the stuff came across the border with no trouble at all.“But I feel the French and the Germans are ripping us off.”The furious rant comes as Brexit negotiations continue on a final day of efforts to get a deal ready for a crucial EU summit after Tuesday's talks ran into the small hours of the morning.READ MORE: 37 British MEPs ‘go behind Boris’ back’ to demand Brexit extension

Boris Johnson is running out of time to get an agreement in place so it can be approved by European leaders at the Brussels summit starting on Thursday.A Number 10 source said progress was still being made in the talks, which ran to about 1.30am in the Belgian capital and will resume on Wednesday morning.Reports had suggested a deal was close ahead of a midnight deadline imposed by the EU, with the Prime Minister said to be making major concessions on the Irish border.But sources on both sides of the Channel downplayed the suggestions, and the PM's official spokesman said: "Talks remain constructive but there is more work still to do."

The Prime Minister is expected to update his Cabinet on progress in the negotiations on Wednesday afternoon.A Downing Street source said: "Constructive talks, worked into the night, continue to make progress, continue in the morning."If the Prime Minister succeeded in bringing a deal home to the UK, he would then face a battle to do what Theresa May failed to do three times and get it approved by Parliament.Hardline Brexiteers from the European Research Group (ERG) of Tory backbenchers and the DUP were both courted in Downing Street on Tuesday.DON'T MISS:Brexit POLL: Do you believe Boris Johnson’s promise UK will leave? [POLL]Boris Johnson given leap of hope by Lib Dems Jo Swinson on Brexit deal [INSIGHT]Brexit LIVE: IDS ‘explodes’ at Boris’ staff on hearing details of deal [LIVE BLOG]

ERG chairman and self-styled "Brexit hardman" Steve Baker later said he was "optimistic" that Mr Johnson's team would finalise a "tolerable deal that I will be able to vote for".But a split among the hardliners became visible over reports that Mr Johnson may agree to a border down the Irish Sea.Former environment secretary Owen Paterson said in an interview with The Sun that it was "unacceptable" that custom checks could be carried out on goods travelling between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Commons leader and a former ERG chair, however, thinks an agreement could be accepted by MPs, telling LBC: "I think the votes are there now for a deal."


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