Anthony Joshua must do five things to beat Andy Ruiz Jr - former coach



28.08.2019 08:41

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Anthony Joshua has been given advice ahead of his rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr by former coach Tony Sims.The Brit will face off against the Mexican-American in December having been left rocked by his opponent when they first clashed in June.Joshua has vowed to right the wrongs of what happened that night and former coach Sims has revealed five things the 29-year-old must do in his rematch.He told Seconds Out: “AJ’s got to be really smart in this fight, you can’t be standing in the trenches with Ruiz.

“He’s got to be smart in this fight, box behind the jab, get his feet moving and all long range punching.“He's got to get his defence together as well, he’s got to be able to slip and ride them shots.“There’s a lot of work for him to do before he gets in with Ruiz."Sims also revealed he would have liked to have seen Joshua prepare for his rematch against Ruiz Jr in a similar way to how Tyson Fury is preparing for his rematch with Deontay Wilder."I would’ve rather seen him have a fight or two in the interim,” the coach, who represented Joshua until December 2016, added.

“And worked on what he needs to do with Ruiz, get similar sort of opponents in."Because if you look at what Tyson Fury’s done, he jumped into that fight with [Deontay] Wilder when he weren’t 100 per cent ready for that fight.“But since then, he’s [Fury] getting himself together, he’s training in the gym, he’s fighting, he’s going to have three fights then probably fight Wilder again which he’ll be in a much better situation mentally and physically.“He [Fury] would’ve learnt even more by the time the three fights come round and you’ve got to really fancy him to beat Wilder next time.

“So I would’ve liked to seen AJ do that, get a couple of fights in the interim."Ruiz Jr, meanwhile, recently expressed a belief that Joshua would retire should the Brit lose their Saudi showdown.“I dethroned the king June 1st and made history becoming the first Mexican/American heavyweight champion of the world,” he said.“I’m looking forward to ending his career in the desert.”


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