Arsenal star labelled ‘lazy’ after Liverpool performance - ‘You just don’t do that’



26.08.2019 14:47

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David Luiz was “lazy” in his defending during Arsenal’s loss to Liverpool on Saturday, claims former Leicester right-back Danny Simpson.Luiz was arguably at fault for two of Liverpool’s goals in the 3-1 win for the Reds at Anfield.Shortly after half time, with the score at 1-0 to the hosts, the Brazilian pulled Mohamed Salah’s shirt to give away a clear penalty.And Salah doubled his tally minutes later with a fine solo effort after Luiz committed himself high up the pitch.

On the penalty, Simpson says Luiz should have just let Salah go through on goal.“You just don’t do that,” he said on Goals on Sunday.“If you get in a bad position like that then just see what Salah does, let him shoot and hopefully he misses.“But as soon as you tug him you know in today’s game it’s a penalty straight away.

“If you’re a defender and you do that in the box, you know it’s risky.“I think if you hear the whistle go you shouldn’t be surprised if I’m honest.”And on Salah’s second strike, Simpson claimed Arsenal defender Luiz was lazy by committing himself.“It’s just lazy, that’s lazy for me,” Simpson added.“Just hold him, keep him facing the other way and wait for everyone else to come around you.

“Once you dive in... you can’t dive in against him.”After the match Luiz claimed there was not much power in his pull on Salah’s shirt but admitted he could see why a penalty was given.“If I pull your shirt like that and if you put your hand like that, it's different, the power is different," he told the official Arsenal website."That's what I said. In VAR it is difficult for them, they cannot see the power, so if I pull like this [gives demonstration] it's more power than just like this.“So it depends on the interpretation, like I said. But if you see the shirt going like that it's also difficult for the referee to say it is not a penalty.”


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