Brexit shock: MPs could drag Britain BACK into EU in November even after no deal exit



09.08.2019 13:47

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Boris Johnson has ramped up the prospect of Britain leaving the EU without a Brexit deal, sparking alarm among MPs hoping to stop a no deal exit. However, a no deal departure at the end of October would not be final, according to a leading Brexit scholar. The Commons could still thwart the Prime Minister’s no deal plan by toppling the Government and dragging the UK back into the EU.

Professor Vernon Bogdanor told the BBC: “Suppose we had in November a Parliament return that had a majority against a no deal exit or even a Remain Parliament.“The Parliament is sovereign, it can do what it likes. It can act retrospectively.“Together with the EU, it could pass retrospective legislation extending the Brexit date and deeming that Britain had not left the EU after all.“It is legally possible. The EU would have to agree - and they probably would. They don’t want a no deal.”JUST IN: Raab calls the EU's bluff as no deal panic sends shockwaves to Brussels

The professor from King’s College London also suggested that the MPs could repeal the (Notification of Withdrawal) Act in another bid to stop Mr Johnson’s Brexit plans.Boris Johnson has refused to rule out calling a general election if MPs table a no confidence motion in his administration. There is concern among MPs that the UK could leave the EU on 31 October, while a campaign is ongoing and before a new government is elected.This comes as Jeremy Corbyn has intervened to stop a no deal Brexit from happening.

The Labour Party leader has urged the UK's most senior civil servant to prevent a no deal Brexit taking place during a general election campaign.Mr Corbyn has written to Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill saying such a move would be an "anti-democratic abuse of power".Mr Johnson has a working majority in Parliament of just one.DON'T MISSIDS reveals bombshell talks with furious EU members [VIDEO]Portillo's 'heartbreaking' response to Boris Johnson's shock question [VIDEO]Brexit Party vs Tory Party: Who do you trust more to deliver Brexit? [POLL]

If the Prime Minister loses the motion of no-confidence, then under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act he would have another 14 days to win a vote of confidence.If he failed to win such a vote, then a general election would be called on a date advised on by Boris Johnson.If the Government was to fall, an alternative Government could take power - either a Labour or a national unity administration.If a national unity Government was formed, the Queen would need to be assured by evidence that such an administration would be supported by a majority of MPs.


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