Chelsea coach Jody Morris trolls Jose Mourinho over Frank Lampard comment on Sky Sports



11.11.2019 11:15

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Chelsea coach Jody Morris has laughed at Jose Mourinho’s claim that he’s worried about the Blues.Frank Lampard’s right-hand man trolled the former Chelsea and Manchester United boss for his comments on Sky Sports.Mourinho said that he isn’t sure Chelsea can cope against the best teams, having lost to Liverpool and United earlier this season.Lampard’s team are now third in the Premier League table, having won their last six matches.

“Jose is still worried,” tweeted Morris, along with three ‘laughing face’ emojis.The Chelsea coach was responding to a Sky Sports video, showing Mourinho discussing Chelsea’s future.The Portuguese boss admitted that he’s not convinced Chelsea are pragmatic enough against Europe’s best teams, and talked down suggestions they could finish in the top two this season.“In the first weekend, I was worried [after they lost 4-0 to United],” he said. “I’m still worried with the big matches.

“I think fantastic work; the kids that are coming to the team are fitting amazingly well with the big players like Willian, Kante.“I think it’s really, really great work by Frank. But they lost twice against United. They lost against Liverpool at home. They conceded four goals against Ajax.“I’m very, very curious to see Chelsea in the next match at the Etihad [against City].“I’m curious to see if they found that great [balance] between the great football they play and the pragmatism they must have to play the top teams, when they play the top teams.

“When they find that I think they have a great team for the future.“I don’t believe in them to finish top two, but I believe very seriously that they’re going to find top four.”Chelsea are currently one point above champions City, with the two teams coming face-to-face after the international break.But, only six teams have conceded more goals than Lampard’s side in the league this season.


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