Donald Trump surge: US President storms ahead of Democratic rivals in breakthrough poll



21.11.2019 04:16

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The poll released by the University of Texas at Tyler (UTTyler) has indicated that voters still favour the incumbent president in the lone star state. The poll conducted in both English and and Spanish surveyed 1093 registered voters in Texas between November 5th and 14th, asking the question how they would feel if the election was that day. A majority of voters responded that they would vote to re-elect Trump rather than opt any of the Democratic challengers in the current nomination race.

The poll found Mr Trump ahead of former Vice-President Joe Biden by a substantial five percentage points and four points ahead of the other Democratic front runner Bernie Sanders.Even so, the poll indicated that Trump falls behind the Democrats among a few demographics in the state.Notably support was particularly bad amongst both African Americans and women by double digits, two demographics that may prove crucial in any upcoming elections.Besides asking voters who they supported for the president in 2020, the survey also asked about Trump's job performance and possible impeachment.

Contrary to expectations support amongst Texans seemed to have grown since the last poll conducted before the enquiry started."[Approval of Trump's performance] now stands at 43 percent approval among all registered Texans," the release read. "His disapproval stands at 49 percent with 8 percent not sure."Further, the poll found that 47 percent of voters did not believe the president should be impeached, narrowly beating those believed that he should at 45 percent with the remaining 8 percent were unsure.After this article was published, the Texas Democratic Party emailed Newsweek with a statement from Manny Garcia, the party's executive director.JUST IN: Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew attended dinner party with Epstein

"Poll after poll shows the same result: This election is razor-thin," the statement read. "Republicans are scared. We can't let up.“Texas Democrats must keep organizing."The news comes as the US President’s physician has given a surprise update on the health of the US President after he was taken to hospital on Saturday afternoon.He was reportedly “rushed” to hospital after being spotted with a full escort of Secret Service officials.DON'T MISSTrump’s daughter reveal travelling to Buckingham Palace 'no fairytale' [LATEST]Donald Trump health: Doctor's shock update on US President’s condition [INSIGHT]South China Sea warning: Beijing sends chilling threat to US to [ANALYSIS]

The unscheduled medical tests sparked fears and concerns among the public.However, it was initially played down by his White House colleagues.They insisted that Trump was having his annual checkup at the Walter Medical Centre.

In a statement shared on Twitter, the physician said that they “will continue to monitor the President’s health, planning a more comprehensive examination after the New Year”.The physician explained that the examination was part of a “routine, planned interim checkup” which was part of the “regular, primary preventative care he receives throughout the year”.The trip was “kept off the record due to scheduling uncertainties”, the expert continued.

They said: “After a little more than an hour of examination, labs and discussions, the President took a brief tour of the hospital to visit with some of the medical staff as well as speak with the family of a solider undergoing surgery, after which he returned home to the White House.“Despite some of the speculation, the President has not had any chest pain, nor was he evaluated or treated for any urgent or acute issues.“Specially, he did not undergo and specialised cardiac or neurologic evaluations.”


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