‘History will condemn Brexiteers!’ Soubry promises fiery no deal showdown with Boris



27 серпня 2019 15:15

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Anna Soubry met with other opposition MPs on Tuesday to agree on a strategy to stop Boris Johnson from taking the UK out of the EU without a deal. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called the meeting, as Remainers rush to stop a no deal exit before the looming October 31 deadline. In remarks following the meeting, Ms Soubry pledged to block Boris Johnson and his “unelected ideologically-driven advisors” from carrying out a no deal exit.

The UK is set to leave the EU by October 31 and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to stick to that date even if he cannot strike a deal with Brussels.Ms Soubry said: “All credit to Jeremy Corbyn for calling us in today.“He called us in, we had that meeting, we put aside our differences to stop this country from crashing out without a deal.“As Ken Clarke called it, it would be a disaster for our country.”JUST IN: Jeremy Corbyn Brexit plot FOILED: Labour drops no confidence demand as Remainers divided

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She continued: “It is something that Leave voters never voted for.“Boris Johnson and his unelected ideologically driven advisors will stop at nothing.“We all know the consequences of a no deal exit - at least an eight percent drop in growth and prosperity of our country“When the history books are written, it will record our determination for our sovereign parliament to meet and debate our country’s biggest crisis since the Second World War.

“It will also record this - there were those that acted with courage and there were those that acted and did absolutely nothing.”Ms Soubry had earlier tweeted: “Nicky Morgan & other ministers know how disastrous #NoDeal is for our country, they also know proroguing Parliament is wrong but keeping their own jobs is more important than protecting the jobs & futures of their constituents. History will be right to condemn them.”Following the meeting, the opposition MPs agreed that they would only use a vote of no confidence to bring down the Government as a last resort.DON’T MISS'Perverse' Corbyn writes to Tory remainers to help make him PM- Boris furious [LIVE BLOG]Does Britain still need the Brexit Party now Boris is PM? [POLL]Farage mocks 'utter rubbish' EU divorce bill threat [VIDEO]

Ms Soubry had reportedly pressed the idea that Tory MPs who want to stop a no deal exit would only vote to topple a Tory Prime Minister in “extreme circumstances”.The no-confidence vote has been described as a “nuclear option” if Remainers fail to stop a no deal exit before the Brexit deadline.A Downing Street source accused them of "seeking to sabotage the UK's position" in talks with the European Union.In response to the meeting, the Prime Minister tweeted: “The referendum result must be respected. We will leave the EU on 31st October.”


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