Liverpool stand apart from Man City, Arsenal must axe Emery, back Bruce - talking points



11.11.2019 10:45

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THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – BECAUSE THEY WERE BEFOREBarcelona suffered in May. It was Manchester City’s turn on Sunday.Never mind the why, wherefores and VARs, there is a magic about Anfield on these big occasions that only certain teams can conjure.Bill Shankly chose the famous all-red kit because he felt it made his players look bigger, and they looked like giants in this top-of-the-table clash.He said the Kop was worth a goal head-start and they had blown one into the goal at the far end within six minutes.Many fear Liverpool might crumble with the weight of their history on their shoulders; now that same weight is pushing them on.They will march to the title with the belief that they are a Great Club. Manchester City may never have that.

EMERY SHOULD BE DEALT A PUEL BLOWA club full of internal rancour and dressing room unrest. A team struggling to score a goal, let alone get a win. A team which may have won the Premier League in the past, but look nothing like reaching those highs under an uncharismatic manager struggling with the egos in front of him.And what is worse is that the club’s star player has been exiled as a peripheral figure, stuck on the bench if he travels at all.This bleak description of Arsenal could have been Leicester nine months ago – only with Jamie Vardy playing the role of Mesut Ozil.Then look what happened. Vardy destroyed Arsenal on Saturday with his power restored by an energetic and dynamic manager in Brendan Rodgers who has breathed renewed life into a club which may have raised eyebrows when they lifted the title but that did not mean there was not always the basis of a decent top-four side in place.By contrast, it is hard now even to catch a whiff of Arsenal’s former glories. And yet a new manager could sweep in like a breath of fresh air.Even Brendan Rodgers – sorry Leicester fans.But will the Arsenal board make such a bold signal of intent? Don’t expect anything soon from a group which caused the mess by allowing Arsene Wenger to lead them two years too long into the mire.

VAR CRIMES COULD BE QUASHED BY APPEALIn tennis, HawkEye is accurate to a specified 2.2mm. So when the camera zooms in on a ball brushing the line and presents it as the definitive call, it is nonsense. But the crowd love it.In cricket, the margin of error is somewhere around 5mm, which is why close decisions go with the on-field system. But you have an understood limit on the amount of appeals, and even when a World Cup is won because one team has run out, it is seen as part of the game.The problem with VAR is that it has not found a way to be part of the game – but it could specifically on offsides in which the technology provides a definitive answer.So speed the game up by only using it on an appeals procedure – each team given one lifeline to spot those “clear and obvious errors”. City might have been tempted to use it on Mohamed Salah’s opener – turns out they would have been wrong and VAR for them would have been over.It is unlikely that Tottenham would have thought to question David McGoldrick’s strike on Saturday and a perfectly goal in all by technicality would have stood.Of course, any team with a challenge remain that concedes a late winner is going to appeal, but surely that would add to the drama?Because it is the drama that is being spoiled totally at the moment.

BRUCE’S NEWCASTLE TENURE HAS LEGSIf the season had started in October, Newcastle would be back in the Champions League places, fourth behind Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester.Steve Bruce has quickly got the side scoring and winning. It shows that fans might want to hang fire for just a few weeks with a new manager before laying on the abuse.Robert the Bruce was once inspired by how hard it is for a spider to build his web. Steve (no relation, probably) has had to untangle the won Benitez constructed to keep his own job safe at St James’ Park before he could even begin to imprint his own ideas on the club.Give him a chance.

TOTTENHAM PAYING THE KNOCKDOWN PRICEEverybody likes to be valued and perhaps that is the problem for Tottenham at the moment – nobody values them enough.Christian Eriksen found out the top teams are not prepared to stump up the cash for him, Toby Alderweireld’s pay-cheque if he moves for free at the end of the season is diminishing by the week.Danny Rose spent a summer looking for a move and turned up nothing and former Manchester United darling Eric Dier is now hopelessly out of sorts.That is bound to knock confidence.But the point about Spurs under Mauricio Pochettino was that their worth always came from the sum of the their parts.Unless the players swallow their pride and get things to add up again, they are in danger of becoming the team which regularly misses out on the Champions League which Pochettino inherited five years ago.


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