MH370 investigators ‘silenced and arrested' for seeking out lost plane in Malaysia



11.09.2019 23:14

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Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared without a trace on March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. It is still unknown what happened to the plane and devastated families are left with many questions unanswered. A group dedicated to helping the families have started a campaign to increase public awareness.

With the help of donors, they are offering prize money to anyone who might have information related to the tragedy.They printed flyers about MH370, with the link to their website on it, and started handing them out in public places in MalaysiaOne investigator linked to the group, who wishes to remain anonymous, told how the police questioned him after seeing him hand out flyers in Putrajaya, a city south of Kuala Lumpur.He said: “When me and my team went to Putrajaya, we had an unexpected moment there.READ MORE: MH370: Why explosion theory is supported after EgyptAir disaster

“I went to distribute flyers at Putrajaya Square, my friend at Alamanda Shopping Centre, and my other friend at Putrajaya Central.“When I first arrived in the morning at Putrajaya Square, I was about to start distributing flyers, but a group of police came up to me and grabbed all the flyers that I was going to distribute.“They asked me: ‘What is this?’“It is MH370 and I told them it is from the organisation I work for.

“They took me to the police station nearby.“I was very shocked at this moment.“They asked me ‘Why are you bringing this issue up after so long? Why didn’t you a long time ago?’“I didn’t know how to answer the questions.”DON'T MISSMH370 shock theory: Plane ‘stalled in mid-air as crew panicked' [THEORY]MH370 shock theory: Plane was controlled by 'machines not people!' [EXPERT]MH370: Terrifying Lockerbie bombing comparison [REVEALED]

The investigator explained to the police that he found the job on Facebook.The police reportedly asked him for the name of the Facebook account that hired him, but he said he could not remember.The investigator added: “Fortunately, my phone was out of battery at the time.“After that, they released me and asked me to go home and avoid texting the organisation again.”

The police allegedly confiscated around 1500 flyers from the investigator and told him that MH370 is a subject which is forbidden to speak about under the current Government.They took his details and told him to go home.However, he explained that he did not go home immediately.He said: “After that, I went to Alamanda Shopping Centre to help my friends and I hoped that there would be no more police there.

“I finished my job as quickly as I could, handing out the flyers.“I am very shocked about what happened.“I thought this was going well, but now this has happened I don’t know.”One of the organisers told that the investigator was “panicked and afraid” after the encounter with the police, but that the cause is so important to the families he went back and helped the other members.

After the incident, members of the organisation tried to avoid the police at other locations.The organiser added: “It is unbelievable to suddenly understand that the Malaysian Government is silencing attempts to help the grieving families from reaching any closure for their loss.“Is it illegal to talk about anything regarding MH370?“As if it is not enough that the administration gave up all hope of solving the mystery and to ease the families’ pain by giving them answers – now it is illegal to even try.”

He explained that identities of members must be kept anonymous as they are now fearing a backlash from the Government and police.He said: “We do not reveal our identities, because we fear the Government will harass us and try to silence us.”The official investigation into MH370 ceased over a year ago but grieving families are desperate for the conversation to continue.The organiser said all they wanted to do was help the families and bring attention to the fact that information is still missing.


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