Michael Owen heaps praise on Arsenal striker Gabriel Martinelli - ‘Looks like a talent’



03.10.2019 20:52

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England legend Michael Owen is a fan of Arsenal’s young Brazilian striker Gabriel Martinelli.Martinelli joined the Gunners for £6million in the summer and has already scored four goals for his new club.The 18-year-old netted a brace on his full debut against Nottingham Forest in the Carabao Cup and scored two more in the Europa League clash with Standard Liege on Thursday.His first against Liege was a fine header and his movement impressed Owen.

“Looks like a talent, yeah,” Owen said on BT Sport.“We’ve seen goals and three of them in the first half, which is fantastic. I really like this lad.“The ball has almost been prepared out wide and he’s there, he’s wanting to sort of get involved, which is good.“Once he realises it’s about to come in, his shirt in focus to get back into the box is brilliant.

“He then nips in front, it’s always good to keep on the blind side of the defender.“Keep the blind side and then last minute, just as the trigger’s about to be pulled… I really like the way he hid behind the defender, as soon as the trigger was about to be pulled, he nipped inside.“Scoring from the corner of the six-yard box isn’t easy, brilliant finish.”Martinelli showed great composure to score his and Arsenal's second of the night, which Owen waxed lyrically about.

“Again he’s interested in the link-up play,” Owen added.“He’s coming off to feet, he knows that if a cross is about to come in, he wants to get in the box.“Lovely touch and you’re never going to score with your left foot there, he totally opens it all up with his right foot and then all of a sudden it’s, I was going to say easy finish, it’s not an easy finish but when you decide to place it, it’s an easy finish.“It’s all about that touch.”


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