Nick Kyrgios labeled a 'rebel' over controversial Rafael Nadal incident in Wimbledon clash



05.07.2019 14:56

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Kyrgios and Nadal's fiery contest on Thursday proved to be box office television with drama throughout the match.The Australian was entertaining the crowd in the early exchanges with some of his trademark shots, including an underarm serve ace and an attempted tweener lob.Tensions reached boiling point midway through the match though with Kyrgios bombarding the umpire with complaints for not penalising Nadal with a time penalty.Kyrgios labeled the umpire as a "disgrace" and called it "b******" with Nadal shaking his head in disapproval.

The world No 43's temper came to a point in the third set when he fired a wicked forehand into the body of Nadal at the net, with the Spaniard reacting just in time to get his racket on the ball.Nadal ultimately had too much for Kyrgios in the end to progress to the third round, but Kyrgios stole the headlines once again in his post-match press conference.He insisted that he felt no need to apologise to Nadal for the incident."Why would I apologise? I won the point," Kyrgios said. "I was going for him. I wanted to hit him.

"The dude has got how many Slams, how much money in the bank account? I think he can take a ball to the chest."But three-time Wimbledon champion Becker believes Kyrgios should have taken a different approach."Nick Kyrgios comes across to me as a rebel without a cause," he said on BBC.

"He played within the rules, but even if he doesn't mean it [striking Rafael Nadal with the ball] just wave your hand and pretend for a second."But the second part of the match was tennis - and that's what I was pleased about."It was about the man Nick against the man Rafa."That's what we want to see. That's what tennis is about."


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