Nicola Sturgeon humiliated as Union Jack waving unionists protest independence rally



03 листопада 2019 06:07

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The Scottish First Minister was Deputy First Minister during the 2014 referendum. 55.3 percent of voters voted that Scotland should not leave the United Kingdom. Activists from pro-Union group A Force for Good demonstrated against the nationalist rally.

The group said: “It is vitally important that we were there with an impressive crowd of fantastic pro-Union activists to show Sturgeon and all the media present that she does not speak for Scotland.”They added: “Scotland is deeply divided by the SNP's single-minded drive for separation.“Our unionist family in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will see there are so many Scots who are proud to stand up for Britain and fly the Union Flag for unity in our islands.”Ms Sturgeon said: "Over the next few weeks, it is our job to convince everyone we know to come out on December the 12th and send the biggest, loudest most resounding message to Westminster.

"That it is time for Scotland to choose our own future.“It is time for Scotland to be an independent country.”The SNP do not hold a majority in the Scottish Parliament.They have 62 of the 129 seats and form a minority government.JUST IN: Warning British Jews could flee UK if Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM

The Scottish Tories hold 31 seats, Scottish Labour has 23, the Scottish Green Party has 6 and the Scottish Liberal Democrats hold five.The SNP hold 35 of the 59 Scottish seats in the House of Commons.Ms Sturgeon has argued the 2016 Brexit vote means there should be another referendum on Scotland’s place in the UK.In 2016 a majority in Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU, whilst most voters in England and Wales voted to leave.DON'T MISSGeneral election poll: Tories now eight points ahead - EXCLUSIVEFurious Jo Swinson demands to take on Boris Johnson and Jeremy CorbynWhat would Winston Churchill have thought of British politics?

The 2017 general election saw a loss of 21 SNP seats including Westminster leader Angus Robertson, former First Minister Alex Salmond and International Trade spokesperson Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.In 2015, they won 56 seats, an increase of 50 since 2010 and their first ever majority of Scottish seats in Westminster.Electoral calculus forecasts them to make gains with 48 seats in December’s poll.

The calculus makes predictions based on opinion polls conducted between October 1 and October 25.The sample size for the latest prediction totalled 11,304 people.It predicts a 76 seat majority for the Tories.

The Tories are forecast to win 363 seats, Labour 186 and the Liberal Democrats 31.Welsh nationalists Plaid Cymru are forecast to win three seats, a loss of one.Irish nationalists Sinn Fein are forecast to retain their number of seats with seven.


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