Novak Djokovic didn't deserve to be booed by US Open fans - Rafael Nadal



03.09.2019 03:22

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Rafael Nadal has defended Novak Djokovic after the 16-time Grand Slam champion was booed off the court by US Open fans on Sunday.Djokovic has been struggling with a shoulder injury through the tournament and after falling two sets and a break down to Stan Wawrinka, he decided to retire from the match.The announcement of Djokovic's withdrawal drew a negative reaction from the crowd on Arthur Ashe Stadium and the 2018 champion was jeered as he packed his bags and walked off the court.After the match, Djokovic said he could understand the backlash and refused to criticise the spectators.

Speaking after beating Marin Cilic in a high-quality match, Nadal revealed he did not watch the match or see the end.But the Spanish star made clear that Djokovic would not have quit unless he absolutely had to."Well, no, I really believe that he doesn't deserve of course," Nadal said."I believe that he's a super athlete. If he had to go is because he was not able to continue at all."For him is much more painful than for anyone on that Arthur Ashe Stadium."He missed an opportunity to win another Grand Slam, playing on one of his best surfaces for sure, hard, coming after winning Wimbledon. Have been a good opportunity for him."MORE TO FOLLOW


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