Piers Morgan: Labour MP brands GMB host a 't****r' as he addresses Jo Cox’s memory



26.09.2019 07:02

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Piers Morgan, 54, made his views clear on British politicians last night, tweeting to his 6.8 million followers they had reached a new “low”.His statement came after two Labour MPs asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson to moderate his language in Parliament and stop using words such as “betrayal” and “surrender” regarding Brexit, as they claimed it fuels death threats.The MPs made their claim in the name of their former colleague, Jo Cox, who was murdered by a man who held far-right views, during the EU referendum campaign back in June, 2016.Boris refused, and said: “The best way to honour the memory of Jo Cox and indeed the best way to bring this country together would be, I think, to get Brexit done."

Reacting to the events in Parliament, Piers vented online: “British politicians now using their murdered former colleague Jo Cox to wage their viciously tribal Brexit war.“Parliament has reached a new low, on all sides. Disgraceful.”Piers was met with a fierce reaction from Tonia Antoniazzi, who is the Labour MP for Gower, Wales.She tweeted the Good Morning Britain presenter: “You are a b****y disgrace… shame on you!”Piers said: “Actually, you lot are the b****y disgrace. All of you. Parliament tonight has shamed Britain.”“Why don’t you just get stuffed... t****r,” Tonia fired back.

Piers quote tweeted her comment and simply wrote: “A British Member of Parliament…”Tonia went on to explain her language on Twitter, saying: “This evening I came home early and cried, I still am, and this sums up why I’ve been so rude on twitter tonight…”Jo Cox’s husband, Brendan Cox, addressed his late wife being mentioned in Parliament, and said he feels a “bit sick”.He said last night: “Feel a bit sick at Jo’s name being used in this way.“The best way to honour Jo is for all of us (no matter our views) to stand up for what we believe in, passionately and with determination.”

He added: “But never to demonise the other side and always hold onto what we have in common.”Brendan chatted to Piers on Good Morning Britain today, and the latter praised him on Twitter.Piers wrote: “Very wise words from Jo Cox's husband Brendan on @GMB - everyone on BOTH sides of Brexit debate has to calm down & stop using such inflammatory, toxic language even if you disagree with people passionately.Quoting Brendan, Piers said: ’We have more in common than the things that decide us’.”Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV from 6am.


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