Remainer turmoil: Stop-Brexit alliance shattered as SNP get ‘cold feet’ on Boris challenge



29.10.2019 09:44

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BBC Newsnight's political editor Nicholas Watt argued that the Liberal Democrats and SNP allegiance may be struggling due to the latest plot to confront Boris Johnson on his Brexit plan. Mr Watt explained that the Liberal Democrats have complained of the SNP getting “cold feet” in the build-up to prevent Boris Johnson from fulfilling his general election Brexit plan. The politics expert also outlined the complex possibilities that may occur in the next few weeks that could result in another Brexit extension becoming necessary.

He said: “It looks like the SNP may try and amend this bill in two areas.“In the first place, they may try and secure votes for 16 and 17-year-olds.“They may also try to secure votes for EU citizens.“Both of those are unacceptable to Boris Johnson.DON'T MISS: Umunna snaps at host and admits not enough support for a People's vote

“So he would seek to overturn those.“If he couldn’t overturn them, say the Labour Party joined with the SNP on that one, he would pull the bill.“If the bill does pass then Parliament would have to be dissolved on the 6th of November to allow that election to take place.“If the bill fails it is very difficult to see how you could have an election in 2019.”

The BBC Newsnight host then questioned what these ramifications would have for Brexit.Mr Watt replied: “It looks like the Liberal Democrat and SNP alliance is beginning to fray.“The Lib Dems are saying the SNP is getting cold feet and coming up with excuses to block this.“The Liberal Democrat view is they will not go for this unless they have got the SNP on board.READ MORE:Brexit LIVE: Boris reveals PLAN B after General Election vote fails [BLOG] People's Vote split: Roland Rudd lashes out at Alastair Campbell [VIDEO] Lib Dems’ Chuka Umunna forced to explain why People’s Vote is over [VIDEO]

“So if there is no election in 2019 it looks difficult to see how you could agree to any election even next month before Christmas.“If that happens, the next time you would consider it is when we come back from the Christmas holidays.“At that point, it would be too difficult to get an election before the 31st of January.“That is when the Brexit extension runs out so you may well at the point be in Parliament trying to request another Brexit extension."


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