Tories stand fighting chance in election says MP – but only if UK leaves EU on October 31



11 вересня 2019 11:10

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The former chief whip scoffed at the idea that the Tories would need the Brexit Party’s help to win an election. He said: “This election is very hard to read at the moment. But if Boris Johnson sticks to his guns, if we leave by October 31 with a deal following the European summit, then I think the prospects for the Conservative Party, particularly armed with a ‘one nation’ Queen's Speech, are very good.”

In an interview with Channel 4 News’ Jon Snow, they talked about the Tory strategy to concentrate on Leave-voting seats in the midlands and northern England.Mr Mitchell said: “I rather agree with what Dominic Cummings said to the journalists outside his outside.“I think there’s very very different view outside of the M25 beltway, outside of metropolitan London, where people who voted Leave feel they’ve been cheated.“I do think you get a very different view, and I find it in the west midlands as well where there are some seats which the Labour party hold at the moment which I very much think we are quite well placed to gain.”READ MORE: Brexiteer Tice demands by-election in brutal attack on ex-Tory MP

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Mr Snow agreed that the polling suggests that might be true.However he also pointed out that to get a majority, the Tories would have to have a pact with the Brexit Party.The MP for Sutton Coldfield recoiled in disgust: “I don’t think that’s true, Jon.”“I think that if we have left by October 31 then what is the point of the Brexit Party?"

He continued: “We have a Prime Minister who led the campaign to Leave, who is emphatic about leaving.“It doesn’t seem to me there’s an awful lot of relevant political space there for the Brexit Party.”The Channel 4 presenter refused to let the MP off, saying that Boris Johnson has “got a heck of a job to turn it round”.DON'T MISSScottish Tory tears into SNP leader over independence plans [VIDEO]Senior Tory MP slams John Major as 'hypocritical' [INTERVIEW]Tory erupts at MPs for ‘totally failing’ Brexit voters [VIDEO]

Mr Mitchell dismissed it: “The key issue is whether or not we are able to leave by October 31.”Mr Snow asked if he believed we will: “I mean, let’s be candid, you’re a realist.”The MP said: “No, I do believe, I think it’s very important that we honour our promise and leave by the 31st.“But I am very keen indeed that the summit should deliver a deal.“If we leave on the 31st which I profoundly hope we will with a deal then it seems to me that the Brexit Party’s fox has been shot.”


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