Tyson Fury prediction comes true as Love Island star Tommy Fury delays boxing return



07.08.2019 05:52

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The 20-year-old has only had two professional fights, but was originally expected to return to the sport after his appearance on the reality tv show.Fury’s opponents have been questionable, with a combined record of 10-128. Jevgenijs Andrejevs, who he fought on his debut, has been fighting since 2003, and had a record of 10-102 at the time of his fight.The Latvian was Fury’s debut opponent, and has continued fighting ever since. Most recently, suffering defeat last month.

His other opponent, Callum Ide, is still yet to win a professional fight, having suffered defeat in each of his 27 outings. Despite his resume being lacklustre, Fury was still viewed as an exciting prospect in British boxing, given his pedigree.Tyson Fury is recognised as the lineal heavyweight champion, and cousin Hughie is set to take on former world title-holder Alexander Povetkin at the end of the month. But Tommy is unlikely to follow in their tracks any time soon, after The Sun revealed that he is planning to take some time away from the sport.

The youngster made a name for himself on ITV reality show Love Island, in which he became romantically involved with a fellow contestant and now appears set to embark on a nightclub PA tour of the UK.Light-heavyweight Fury is reportedly preparing to hang up the gloves for at least a year to focus on his profile away from the sport.During his time on the show, his profile built to the point that he has as many followers as his celebrity brother Tyson.Whilst his brother was on the show, Tyson expressed his concerns for Tommy, and hinted that he should focus on the sport.

“He might get carried away being a TV reality star rather than a fighting man – and it’s the last thing he needs to do when he’s trying to become a professional fighter,” he said.Tommy, who is trained by former world champion Ricky Hatton, finished as one of the runners-up on the popular show, and is apparently set to be secure financially after a string of brand deals and television projects.The report in the sun also claimed that Fury is planning to return to boxing at a later date, and that his hiatus will not be permanent.


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