Widdecombe exposes who will be to blame for a hung Parliament in general election failure



11.11.2019 11:51

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The Brexit Party MEP hit out at Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party for not choosing to make a pact with the Leave campaigning party. Ms Widdecombe, a former Tory MP, said Nigel Farage’s party doesn’t need a majority to have a huge influence on Brexit. Julia Hartley-Brewer said: “We’re not looking at the Brexit Party sweeping the board.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Ms Widdecombe said: “I’m not going to get into seat predictions.“But I do know we are perfectly capable of holding the balance of power and delivering Brexit that way.“We don’t have to win an outright majority, which I agree with you realistically we’re not going to.“We don’t have to win an outright majority in order to have an enormous parliamentary influence on Brexit.”READ MORE: Gina Miller explains decision behind anti-Brexit tactical website

She continued: “If Remainers can form an alliance with small parties, there’s no absolute reason why the Tories couldn’t have done the same thing.“But that was a judgment call for Boris and he’s made it.“I would say there is an enormous sense of entitlement in the Tory party that they alone can stand and they won’t stand with anyone else.“Let’s just see what happens and if there’s a hung Parliament, with the Brexit Party with the balance of power, the Conservatives will have nobody but themselves to blame.”

Her comments come as the latest YouGov polls show the Labour Party could face their worst election results in a century in some parts.The pollsters said in a tweet: “Both main parties down everywhere, but Labour has been hit particularly hard and are on course for their worst performance in more than 100 years in Scotland and Wales.”The party could lose more than 20 percent of their hold from the 2017 results, the polls show.Surveys of the public’s opinion of leader Jeremy Corbyn paint a dire picture for the party.DON'T MISSVerhofstadt's plan to exclude Eurosceptics from Brexit group exposed [INSIGHT]Warning to Corbyn! North towns to ‘turn blue for the first time’ [VIDEO]Election LIVE: Farage given until Friday to stand down [LIVE]

While those polled thought Mr Corbyn was authentic - 40 percent to 37 - a vast majority thought he was incompetent - 63 percent to just 20.He was also branded indecisive - 69 percent to 16 - and dislikable - 63 percent to 21.In sharp contrast, the public seem to think Boris Johnson is quite likeable - 46 percent to 41 - but deeply untrustworthy - 53 percent to 25.Here is the latest from YouGov on voting intention, - the most recent poll surveyed 1,598 British adults between November 7 and 8, compared to the previous poll between November 5 and 6.Conservative: 39 percent (up three percent)Labour: 26 percent (up one percent)Lib Dems: 17 percent (hold)Brexit Party: 10 percent (down one percent)Green: 4 percent (down one percent)SNP: 4 percent (hold)Plaid Cymru: 0 percent (down one percent)Other: 0 percent (down one percent)


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